Maternal time investment in early childhood

Researchers have shown that early childhood (pre-primary) education is quite important. Skill differences among children already exist by the time they start primary school, and they’re likely to persist over time. But how do these skill differences arise?

Factors including income, family structure, parental education, maternal employment, child care, school quality and neighborhood characteristics all play a role. But the subject of this post is maternal time investment in early childhood.

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Do diverse teams perform better?

When it comes to hiring people, many organizations tend to aim for diversity (at least they say they do). People from different backgrounds could bring different perspectives to the same problem. On the other hand, people from different backgrounds might simply lack technical knowledge about the field the organization’s involved in. So do the benefits of diversity outweigh the costs?

This is a hard question to answer and it most certainly depends on the situation. This post discusses a specific instance of this question by presenting a new working paper studying the effects of ability dispersion on team performance.

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